Key West Spring Break

Key West Spring Break. Calling all teachers, teacher’s aides, teacher’s pets, students and other assorted hard working cold climate living souls. It’s time to play in the warm Key West sun! Come and get some! Let’s play outdoors! Key West Spring Break is here! The party is waiting for you! Check out our awesome weather right here So the next step is get your airline tickets and room reservations I recommend checking here for rooms then book yourself a fishing, snorkeling, boating tour I recommend you go to our friends here at www.damntherockscharters,com . When you get that done remember you will need someone to show you around the nightlife of Key West not just Duval Street you can find that all on your own. Let me take you to some bars just off the beaten path. pub crawlpub crawl Key Westkokomo joesSo go to the place on this page that says “Click here to book now” and click it or call our ticket agency Zerve 800 979-3370. If you use a laptop or desktop computer to go on our web site you can save booking fees by booking your pub crawl direct.

Key West Spring Break is here. Where are you?


















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Life is short, winter has been rough come play with us in the warm Florida sun!

Come play in the sun

Come play in the sun. Close your eyes and come with me for a moment.You’re laying on a blanket on the beach in the photo (Ft. Zachory Taylor is where it is if that helps you visualize.) It’s warm, really warm like 80 degrees with a mild breeze. You’ve been out snorkeling and swimming all morning, well after the “Bloody Mary’s” and breakfast of course. Sun is starting to make you red, quick flip over. Sunset time check out the beautiful show mother nature has for you. Did you see the green flash? Alright now time to go back to the hotel clean up and head out to the pub crawl starting location Agave 308  . Then we head over to  Smokin Tuna  and then…wait I don’t want to spoil it for you. Book your tickets now and come play pub crawl with us at night here in Key West Fl. Guaranteed great time! I have the best job in the world! Come on down let me show you a piece of this awesome little paradise called Key West. This time of year the island is showing off her warm beaches, blue skies, great fishing, awesome sunsets. I don’t need to tell you how winter has been up North this year. You deserve a break from the cold. Come have some fun in the warm Key West sun. What are you waiting for? Come play!

Off Duvalpub crawloff duvalkey westKokomo Joe'skokomo joes

Key West Beach day

Kokomo Joe'spub crawlWhile many of you are still fighting with that white stuff on the ground, freezing nasty cold weather I had a Key West Beach day. Wait don’t hate me, come join me. You have suffered through this winter long enough, it’s time to come down and play! You can spend your day on the beach like in these pics, or go on a charter boat fishing snorkeling and then at night for a way to taste the night life slightly off the beaten tourist path join us on a pub crawl.

Now is a good time to take that vacation, just before Spring Break hits and there are no current major events or festivals. First figure out the best way to get here (shop around for best airfares online), then shop online for a hotel room. Key West is currently short 500 rooms because 3 hotels have been torn down for renovation. I recommend you start your room search here:

Here is a friend of mine who runs a fun fishing/snorkeling/sight seeing boat charter they will even pick you up! Tell them Kokomo Joe sent you.

Then of course you absolutely must come pub crawl with us, just use the calendar page with a desktop or laptop computer and you will save booking fees by booking direct. These pics show how I spent my day, you work too hard it’s time to come South and play!

Off Duval


Recent Pub Crawl Key West pics

Let’s face it this winter sucks!!! I think even Frosty the Snowman is tired of this winter up North! It’s still warm here in Key West. I hope you are planning to visit us soon. While you are here why not join us on a pub crawl off the beaten path to some of the best bars in Key West. You get your choice of domestic beer or well liquor, one drink at each of 5 bars and one FREE t-shirt with our slogan “A Blind Chimp Could Find a Bar on Duval”.

Currently there are no big festivals or events going on so it’s a good time to be in Key West. We are short some hotel rooms though due to renovation of at least three hotels that were on the “affordable” side. This means about 500 rooms less than normal so expect some higher room rates. I recommend you shop around online, here is a good place to start

The weather here is perfect for being outdoors water sports, fishing, pub crawling. Don’t let winter get you down, come join us for some warm weather fun! Here are some recent pub crawl key west pics.

Kokomo Joe's

key west pub crawl kokomojoe

Off Duval

Kokomo Joe's

Key West pub crawling

pub crawl key west

party animals

kokomo joes

Off Duval

Off Duval Bar Crawl

Pub Crawl Pics and News

Pub Crawl Pics and News!

We just recently added additional nights to our pub crawl. You now have more choice of nights to fit your vacation in Key West. We offer our pub crawl every Weds and Fri plus every other Sun and Tues. So there is bound to be at least one night that will fit in your plans. Check out our new booking calendar by clicking “Book Now”  or not only are there more dates available if you use our direct booking calendar you save booking fees. So you get the same great fun crawl experience for a lower price and with more availability! We are constantly striving to improve our service. We want you to have the most fun, the most convenient way at the best price possible.  I know it is freezing cold in most of the United States, perfect time to head down here to paradise temperature today is 73 degrees, brrr!  Come on down let’s have some fun and make your friends envious!  Here are some pics from recent pub crawls

Party Animalskokomo joes bar crawlkokomo joes bar crawlEricakokomo joes bar crawlkokomo joes party animalskokomo joes off duvalkokomo joes pub crawl

New Booking Calendar saves you money

Our new booking calendar saves you money! Yes we now have our own new booking calendar and if you use it on your laptop or desktop computer you will avoid booking fees by booking direct with us using PayPal. You don’t have to have an account and can use credit cards. This is a substantial savings for you! Same great pub crawl, same fun drinking safari off the beaten path but at a discount! Just go to the events page

The holidays are approaching fast. Now is a great time to vacation in Key West (It’s still warm here!) Join us on a drinking safari of Key West off the beaten path. We love what we do and it shows! Here are a few pics of recent Very Important Party Animals having a great time on our pub crawl.

#kokomojoesbarcrawl#kokomojoesbarcrawlIMG_2992Kokomo Joe's#kokomojoesbarcrawlKokomo Joe's Party AnimalsGreat Music, Off Duval crawlfun times Off Duval Crawl

New Pub Crawl Night

New Pub Crawl Night! Starting Nov 24th we will be adding an additional night each week. We will alternate between Sunday night and Tuesday night each week. We will continue to do our standard Weds and Fri as usual. The added night will give us a night for those who visit Key West between Saturday and Tuesday. So check our calendar on the booking page to see what night fits best into your Key West vacation plans. Here are some recent pics of our Kokomo Joe’s Off Duval Bar Crawl, hope you will join us for the fun soon!

Pub Crawling Key West

We have had a great time Pub Crawling Key West! Every Weds and Fri is a new adventure as we crawl off Duval. August 2nd was our 2 year anniversary party/pub crawl. Our theme for this special pub crawl in Key West was Blind Chimps & Pirates Oh My! There were Blind Chimps including myself and lots of Pirates. Prizes included a FREE snorkel trip from Fury Water Adventures Key West, several T-shirts, polo shirts, hats, water bottles and koozies from us and these fine bars:

Thanks to all of these fine bars and Fury Water Adventures for participating with us! Special Thanks to all of our Very Important Party Animals who have came out to play on our pub crawls for the last two years! We have had a blast with all of you! We look forward to adding more tours and pub crawls soon! So stay tuned here! You should also sign up for our newsletter and check our Facebook page frequently. Here are some pictures from the last few times of our pub crawling Key West.

Off Duval fun IMG_1823 IMG_1833 IMG_1858 IMG_1856 IMG_1754 SAMSUNG IMG_1778 IMG_2094 SAMSUNG IMG_2129 IMG_2130 IMG_2128 pub crawl Key West


Hump Night Pub Crawl

We do a Hump Night Pub Crawl every Weds and a pub crawl every Fri nights. Both are Off Duval. We go where others don’t. We would like you to join us for the fun! Any Weds join us on our Hump Night Pub Crawl! There will be a crowd in town for the holiday weekend so book early!  We have a 2 year birthday coming up August the 2nd that will be a Fri night crawl and we will be giving away some special treats, book for it now!

Coming Soon: Mini Lobster season is coming up again quick, it will be on the 24th and 25th. This is the pre-opening of lobster season, book your hotel early for this one because the Keys hotels always fill up.  Check out this link for more lobster fishing information

Remember to book now for our Birthday party, just click where it says “Book Now” or call our ticket agency Zerve 800 979-3370. Follow this blog or our Facebook page

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Pub Crawl fun Key West

Pub Crawl fun Key West. Do you want to have fun in Key West? That’s what our pub crawl is all about! Key West is an awesome little tropical island famous for it’s fishing, drinking, and good times. Many famous people have called the island their vacation paradise. The island is also known for it’s laid back style and no worries attitude. Come as you are no one here cares about things that mean something in the “real” world. Here you might sit and drink a beer next to someone that appears to be a broke bum but is really a multi-millionaire. Every Weds and Fri night our pub crawl goes to some bars that are slightly off the beaten tourist path. Along the way we often run into locals we know and some of the colorful characters that make Key West great!

We have been doing our Kokomo Joe’s Off Duval Bar Crawl now for almost 2 years. We have had a lot of great times and learned a lot along the way. Our Very Important Party Animals have shared their weddings, wedding anniversaries, divorces, birthdays, job promotions, business openings, and other special life moments with us. We are honored to have shared these moments with them! So we are going to celebrate our 2 year birthday on August the 2nd with cake (Chocolate, I love chocolate!), booze, beads and stuff! I would like to invite all of you Very Important Party Animals, past, present and future to join us for this special event. Just click on the “Book Now” banner at the page bottom or call our ticket agency Zerve 800 979-3370.

Here’s a few pics of Very Important Party Animals on our last Weds “Hump Night” pub crawl safari

Pub Crawl in Key West

Very Important Party Animals on safari

pub crawl in Key West

Kokomo Joe's Off Duval Bar Crawl

Kokomo Joe's Off Duval Bar Crawl

pub crawl in key west

pub crawl in key west

pub crawl in key west

pub craw in key west

pub crawl in key west

pub crawl in key west