Key West Bartender/Mixologist

Hello Party Animals, been a while since I posted here. This site is currently a holding place for future business website. I post more often on my Facebook page you know where it is. A lot has happened with me, I am constantly learning and updating my skills. I recently obtained BarSmarts mixology certification and will be taking the advanced course in October.

I am currently bartending at the Key West Airport arrivals bar it’s a small bar with not much in the way of cocktails but it’s some income for now.  One of the owners recently visited and is considering running specials and a happy hour to attract locals back to the airport bars, that is great news. Years ago the airport was one of the happening bars in town until renovation and high prices knocked it out of the locals scene.

Next month I will be attending   Tales of the Cocktail New Orleans   to learn more about craft cocktails, meet some new people (cocktail nerds like me). It’s a 5 day convention and learning experience, can’t wait!

Key West is pretty slow right now. Not too much new,  Gap store and Starbucks just opened just what we needed. There is a great new bar on Greene Street called “Chicago’s” good food and live music. There is also a craft cocktail bar called “The Other Side” (the only one I know of in KW) it’s located across the hall from “The Porch” craft beer bar. I recently went in there and had a delicious cocktail they call the “Hemingway”. The bartenders in this place are awesome. I would like to work here, could learn a lot.

That’s all I got for now, I am usually either home, working or at one of the above mentioned hangouts or of course Cuban Coffee Queen in the morning.

Cheers Party Animals!

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Key West Songwriters Fest starts Weds 05/06/15

Key West Songwriters 2015 kicks off tomorrow Weds and runs to Sunday.  I met a few of the Songwriters from my bartending job at the KW Airport. I will be out and about for the next few days soaking up the good music and fun. Hope to see you there.

I only post on this page once in a while. It is really just a place holder page until I start my next business.  I have been learning all I can about the bar business.  Attending training seminars, reading books and hands on bartending. I’m having a lot of fun and learning at the same time.

If you want to stay in touch and or follow me, I’m best found on my old business Facebook page  or now I am back on Twitter  @kokomojoekw

If you are in Key West this week, don’t miss Songwriters Fest!

Cheers, Party Animals

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: : : Key West Songwriters Festival : : :

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Busy Bartending

Been busy bartending 6 days/nights a week.  Having a great time but working more since I retired.  It’s okay learning more every day and loving island life. I’m also keeping my eyes and options open for the right opportunities. I will make my dream reality one day soon! Right now I’m too busy to post much on this page but stay tuned Party Animals I will post any major developements right here.

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Big Fat Monkey Kiss (another fun delicious drink)

Here’s a fun shooter to make at your next party, 1/2 oz Disaronno Amaretto, 1/2 oz  peach schnapps,  1/2 oz creme de bananna, 1/2 oz cranberry juice. It’s called a Big Fat Monkey Kiss. Your friends will love it.

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Drink of the day (Yellow Snow)

First let me say Happy 2015 y’all!!! Hope this is THE year for everyone to make their dreams come true!  Today’s drink of the day is:  Yellow Snow, Easy to make, tasty and fun. First put ice in mixing cup, add 2 ounces of vodka,  add equal parts milk and pineapple juice, shake in shaker tin, strain and pour into glass.  Enjoy tasty yellow snow!

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Next Key West party, Super Boat Races

They’re back!!! go here for this years race schedule












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Parrotheads MOTM 2014

IMG_8844 IMG_8845 IMG_8892 IMG_8879 IMG_8888 IMG_8897 IMG_8853 IMG_8846 IMG_8854 IMG_8869


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Key West secret breakfast place

This post is about a Key West secret breakfast place. There are many awesome places to eat in Key West. This little place is a hidden gem. On one hand I hate to announce it to tourists. (No offense, I love you guys) but many of my favorite places have become difficult to get in and eat. On the other hand I would hate to see the business close because not enough people know about it. So I am giving this secret to you.

Many people already know of Kermit’s Key Lime Pie at Elizabeth and Greene Streets, but most people even locals don’t know that in the back is a little restaurant with a delicious breakfast for about $8. I ordered two eggs over easy, sausage, potatoes, toast (you get your choice of Kermit’s delicious homemade jellies) and a cup of fruit.  The service (its a counter service place) gave better service than many full service restaurants. The food was warm and delicious, and I sat outside by the Coi pond watching the fish while listening to the smooth sound of the waterfall. All of this and it was only eight dollars and some change.

Well there it is the secret is out. One of the best kept secrets in Key West. I am not a fan of Key Lime Pie, just never liked it but Kermit has a Strawberry Key Lime Pie that is yummy!! Have a nice little breakfast then check out his shop. Oh and please tell some of your friends just not too many.

IMG_8362 IMG_8361 IMG_8364 IMG_8363

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Fun out on the island

IMG_8254 IMG_8257 IMG_8261 IMG_8266 IMG_8268 IMG_8270 IMG_8274 IMG_8275 IMG_8279 IMG_8277 IMG_8283Had some friends in town and so I got to go out and play tourist with them. Had a blast! Here are a few pics of fun stuff around the island.  Oh and I decided to skip the razor for a while. Why not? I’m retired!

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