My Happy Place

20160512_10533920160512_10023220160512_100522Kayaking in the Florida Keys is always a great time.  It just feels awesome being out on the water with the birds and fish. My favorite places to go are Sugarloaf, Geiger or right here in Key West. Sugarloaf and Geiger both have good kayak rental places. If you want to rent out of Key West, I recommend they offer guided tours which I recommend if it’s your first time yaking in the area. If you go to Geiger Key, after you work up an appetite paddling get yourself a nice lunch at the marina. My favorite there is the fish tacos.

Well it was a great day out in my happy place. Till next time, Cheers!

Practicing at my home tiki bar

Just practicing making some drinks from Beachbum Berry’s Grog Log. This one is an “Outrigger” which is a rum version of the Sidecar. It is delicious!

Not much happening with me right now. I have applied for a job at a place far far away. I will write more about that as it gets closer to time to go.

The Key West SongWriters Fest has come and gone. Another great year, unfortunately I missed a lot of it while preparing for my future.  I will know more soon and will tell you all about it.

Until then my friends, Cheers!


Key West Bartender/Mixologist

Hello Party Animals, been a while since I posted here. This site is currently a holding place for future business website. I post more often on my Facebook page you know where it is. A lot has happened with me, I am constantly learning and updating my skills. I recently obtained BarSmarts mixology certification and will be taking the advanced course in October.

I am currently bartending at the Key West Airport arrivals bar it’s a small bar with not much in the way of cocktails but it’s some income for now.  One of the owners recently visited and is considering running specials and a happy hour to attract locals back to the airport bars, that is great news. Years ago the airport was one of the happening bars in town until renovation and high prices knocked it out of the locals scene.

Next month I will be attending   Tales of the Cocktail New Orleans   to learn more about craft cocktails, meet some new people (cocktail nerds like me). It’s a 5 day convention and learning experience, can’t wait!

Key West is pretty slow right now. Not too much new,  Gap store and Starbucks just opened just what we needed. There is a great new bar on Greene Street called “Chicago’s” good food and live music. There is also a craft cocktail bar called “The Other Side” (the only one I know of in KW) it’s located across the hall from “The Porch” craft beer bar. I recently went in there and had a delicious cocktail they call the “Hemingway”. The bartenders in this place are awesome. I would like to work here, could learn a lot.

That’s all I got for now, I am usually either home, working or at one of the above mentioned hangouts or of course Cuban Coffee Queen in the morning.

Cheers Party Animals!

Hey Party Animals

I am just starting out with a new website for me. (right here) I am learning how to do it myself. It will be rough for a while as I learn and add when I have time. I will be bartending in Key West and you can read all about it right here. Who will hire me? Be the first to find out, right after me.

Kokomo Joe Key West

Well Party Animals a lot has happened since we closed the pub crawl. I retired from my full time career and went to bartending school, Orlando Bartending Academy (refresher course originally went in 2008).  It was great to see instructors Kim and Miss T are still there teaching new bartenders. I had a great time, updated my resume and visited old friends.  When I came back to Key West I quickly found a job but after a month decided it was not for me. I am now hunting a part time bartending job in Key West.

So what have I been doing lately, kayaking around the salt ponds of Key West, bicycling around the island and just generally enjoying life. Took a small get off the rock trip to Ft. Lauderdale rode the water taxi and looked around. I will be attending a seminar in Ft. Lauderdale soon and will be visiting friends in Orlando for a wedding.  Going to Las Vegas next year for the Nightclub and Bar Convention already bought plane tickets.

I will post here as soon as I get a bartending position somewhere. Stay tuned Party Animals!