Practicing at my home tiki bar

Just practicing making some drinks from Beachbum Berry’s Grog Log. This one is an “Outrigger” which is a rum version of the Sidecar. It is delicious!

Not much happening with me right now. I have applied for a job at a place far far away. I will write more about that as it gets closer to time to go.

The Key West SongWriters Fest has come and gone. Another great year, unfortunately I missed a lot of it while preparing for my future.  I will know more soon and will tell you all about it.

Until then my friends, Cheers!


Hey Party Animals

I am just starting out with a new website for me. (right here) I am learning how to do it myself. It will be rough for a while as I learn and add when I have time. I will be bartending in Key West and you can read all about it right here. Who will hire me? Be the first to find out, right after me.